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Metal Spinning Plant Images

Founded in August 2008, Zhongshan BE-CU Spinning Technology Co., Ltd. is majority-owned by Guangdong BE-CU Prototype Technology Co., Ltd., a national high-tech enterprise. Leveraging the extensive research achievements of Guangdong BE-CU, the company aims to become a leading metal spinning manufacturing enterprise in Asia and establish a global research and development center for spinning technology. We offer the following services to our clients:

  1. Precision forming of large and rare metal components.
  2. Specialized leasing of large and rare equipment.
  3. Research and development of forming processes.
  4. Research and reserve of forming materials.

Specializing in spinning processing, including metal spinning, stainless steel spinning, specialized spinning, fan spinning, and CNC spinning, among others.

Key Points:

  • The first phase of investment is scheduled for completion by June 2015, with an operating area of approximately 5000 square meters.
  • Nearly 40 spinning equipment pieces will be available for use.

Key Background Members:

  • Guangdong BE-CU Prototype Technology Co., Ltd. (Over a decade of research, production, and application of spinning equipment)
  • Guangdong Yanliang National Aviation High-Tech Industrial Base (A national-level aviation economic and technological development zone, an aerospace industry base, and an industrial cluster)
  • Guangdong Lexuan Technology Partnership (An assembly of spinning technology talent teams)

Market Targets:

  • Processing support for general products (Ventilation fans, environmental protection, power, medical, communications, agriculture, food, automobiles, rail transit, and other industry products)
  • High-end product processing (New energy industry, oil pipelines, internal combustion engine components, radar, and other products)
  • Aerospace (Research and production of products such as nozzles, aerospace engine components, tanks, and sheet metal components)
  • Aviation (Research and production of products such as aviation engine components, transmission components, and sheet metal components)
  • Military and special projects (Research and production of products such as shells, warhead casings, gun barrels, and battery casings)
  • National, academic, and research institute projects (Undertaking research and development projects such as equipment and processes)