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Aluminum Spinning Products

Aluminum, known for its lightweight, corrosion resistance, and high strength-to-weight ratio, has become an indispensable material across various industries. From aerospace and automotive to consumer electronics and construction, aluminum’s versatility makes it a go-to choice for a wide range of applications. Metal CNC spinning has emerged as an ideal manufacturing technique for shaping aluminum into intricate and precise forms, maintaining its inherent properties while enhancing its functional capabilities.

Metal CNC spinning, or computer numerical control spinning, is an advanced form of metal spinning that utilizes computer-controlled machines to shape flat metal discs or sheets into desired forms. When it comes to aluminum, CNC spinning offers the ability to create complex shapes with precision, showcasing the material’s lightweight strength and aesthetic appeal.

The CNC spinning process starts with a flat aluminum blank, which can vary in alloy composition and thickness depending on the application’s requirements. The blank is clamped onto a CNC spinning machine, which rotates it at high speed. As the machine spins, specialized CNC-controlled tools and rollers apply pressure to shape the aluminum into the desired form, such as bowls, housings, enclosures, or components for aerospace and automotive industries. This controlled and automated forming process ensures uniformity, accuracy, and consistency in the production of aluminum components.

Aluminum is lightweight and corrosion resistant, but much more cost-effective than stainless steel.BE-CU spun company produces spun aluminum parts in both high quantities and in “one-off” custom spinnings. Spun aluminum is also often times a better alternative to aluminum metal stamping in low volume, short-run production!